Our Philosophy

To treat you as gently as possible

Treat others as we would like to be treated

Provide the highest possible dental care

Provide as near pain free dentistry as possible

We are happy to care for those with special needs, where possible, please advise us of any issues you may have before your appointment.

We aim to provide a wide variety of dental treatment, but will, with your permission, refer you to a specialist should we think it necessary.

We hope to keep waiting time to a minimum, but will never rush through your treatment.

The General Dental Council sets certain standards for us to adhere to:

  1. Put the patients interest first
  2. Communicate effectively with patients
  3. Obtain valid consent
  4. Maintain and protect patient’s information
  5. Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
  6. Work with colleagues in a way that is in the patient’s best interest
  7. Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills
  8. Raise concerns if patients are at risk
  9. Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patient’s confidence in you and the dental profession

We aim to deliver high quality dentistry in a professional manner to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. If we fall short of our aims, we apologise.  We welcome any feedback you can make to help improve the quality of the service we provide. 

We have an in-house complaints procedure, please call reception to speak with Nicola 01249 655516 who will deal with your complaint with empathy and discretion.  If you have any complaints about how you have been treated at the practice and these cannot be resolved in house please contact:

Dental Complaints Service, 37 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8DQ                    Tel:  0208 253 0800 or online at dcs.gdc-uk.org