Stuart has a traditional approach to dentistry; he is happy to discuss all treatment options with you and refer where necessary to a more skilled clinician.  You will benefit from the wealth of his knowledge and experience, he has been qualified for over 35 years.

Treatment options.  Stuart offers a variety of treatment options.  He uses white filling material for all his restorations. He will carry out extractions, place crowns, bridges, veneers  and make dentures, he can also carry out simple fixed orthodontics, tooth whitening, and other cosmetic procedures.  He does not have a hygienist and carries out all hygiene work himself. 

Our fees:   Children under 5 are seen free of charge, we will be introducing a payment scheme for all our clients, for more details including current fees, please contact reception. 

For treatment we will always give you an estimate of fees prior to the appointment.  

Fillings/restorations depend upon the time taken and the materials used, as a guide a 40 minute appointment will cost you £178.50.  The estimate for a crown is £785 but depends again on the time and materials used.  Stuart will provide you with an estimate of fees prior to any such treatment if you require.  

There is always a risk in any Dental procedure, including the taking of x-rays, we do our best to minimise these risks, please discuss these with Stuart at your appointment.

Stuart will do his best to rectify any treatment which fails due to error, however, treatment may fail for a number of reasons and where possible we will replace any filling if it is our fault. A filling which persistently breaks may well fail for structural reasons and an alternative solution, such as a crown, may be necessary.  Crowns, bridges, veneers etc can come unstuck and we will re-cement these within 6 months.  

We cannot be responsible for forces involved in day-to-day chewing, grinding, clenching, bruxism, the food you eat including nuts, crackling   trauma or other forces such as secondary dental decay.  We do therefore expect you to attend for routine examinations and hygiene visits when necessary, normally six monthly, in order to keep an eye on any treatment carried out.  We cannot otherwise guarantee any work beyond a reasonable period.  Having said this, we believe in being fair and honest and to treat others as we would like to be treated.